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Speed Dating Selections

Speed dating DO’s and DONT’s. 


  1. Be respectful and polite to everyone. If not a potential life partner, this could be your new best friend!
  2. Breathe and be relaxed.
  3. Get up and move to the next person when you hear the bell.
  4. Move in the direction you are shown toward the next person in line. Don’t go back.
  5. Listen and engage.
  6. Keep it upbeat and positive!
  7. Play up your best personality asset.
  8. Remain open-minded.
  9. Use confident, open body language, e.g., sit up straight (no slouching or arm-crossing).

Keep it original. Come as natural you are, quirks and all.



  1. Stare too much or avoid eye contact completely.
  2. Do all the talking. Converse front and back.
  3. Check in on your phone. No devices allowed! You’ll get time to check phones during the break.
  4. Check out another person. Stay focused and in the moment with the person across from you.
  5. Overanalyze a first meeting. Just enjoy the moment.
  6. Use humor that is inappropriate.
  7. Make judgments and assumptions.
  8. Dismiss the other person on sight. Stay open to the possibility that they have much more to them than meets the eye. 

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