Parents attending Rishta NJ.

We understand that many candidates prefer to bring parents or family members to support their search of a life partner. That’s why we have setup this registration to allow them to attend the event as well. 

However we find it more fruitful if the candidates can speak to each other freely without parent intervention. Thus you will not be allowed to enter the room when the event is being held. However you will have the opportunity to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with the candidates if you wish to meet potential life partners for your siblings, or kids.

To cover this cost for food and management we charge $100 per parent that wants to join in. This is payable here or by cash/check upon check in. 

For majority of the event, you will be hosted in a separate room than the candidates and will not be allowed to enter the event. Candidate books are provided to the candidates only. No book is provided to the parents/ siblings or family members.   

For more information, please call Kaushik Vyas @ 646 750 4400

What the fee covers:

1.) Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with candidates.

2.) You will not be able to enter the conference hall when Rishta NJ is being held.

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