Why Rishta NJ is different than your typical meetup.

  • Rishta NJ is for singles who are serious about finding a life partner. This is truly the most important piece of information we’d like to convey. 
  • The event is organized, handled, and hosted by enthusiastic volunteers of URF who are in tune with today’s dating scene. We understand that swiping isn’t exactly working, and you cant really trust someone you meet online right away. So we’ve created a system that allows you to meet several potential life partners in a day and half. 
  • The event is fun, friendly, relaxed, and very productive with minimum restrictions, and maximum time spent in getting to know the other participants. 
  • We heavily use IT to register, process, match, and run the event. This helps increase the time on hand to spend with the person you truly want to connect with vs paperwork. 
  • Above all the process works. Almost 90-95% of people who attend the event walk away with matches, and names of people who would like to know them better. 

What does it cost? Rishta costs $225/ participant. Parents are not allowed.

United Rudra Foundation is committed to support those in need of medical assistance by running health camps in the USA, and supporting educational efforts in rural parts of India. Rishta is an event which helps us support these initiatives internationally. 

Rishta is hosted by URF, a 501(C) non-profit charitable organization registered in the USA. 

What is it like to attend Rishta?

Images are intentionally blurred to protect the identity of the participants.