What is Rishta?

Rishta is a 2 day event that brings singles together in a fun and social setting, allowing them to interact and meet other prospective life partners. It’s a no stress, no pressure event where you can meet, talk, exchange contacts and spend time to discover compatibility among candidates.

Dates: Friday, September 10th, 2021  &  Saturday, September 11, 2021

Cost: $225 per Candidate ( 100% Tax deductable donation)

What happened at Rishta 2019?

(Rishta 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19)


93 ladies | Average age: 32 | Range: 24 – 38
95 Gents | Average age: 33 | Range 25 –  39

Rishta 2019 kicked off with a fun Hawaiian themed pool side social. Participants got to meet each other and make new friends. The next day was packed with a session of games, social icebreakers, meetings, role play and a lot more. 185+ people attended and almost everyone walked away with matches and a list of people who were interested in them. In less than a year, team Rishta was made aware of 10 candidates who found their life partners at Rishta planning on their next step towards their “happy ever after”. Here are some pictures from the event. Photos are blurred to protect the privacy of the candidates.

Candidates privacy is important to us. So identities of those attending the event will not be made public online. Thus, we thank the couples below who allowed us to use their photos so other candidates can have faith in the process, and give it a honest shot at finding their life partner at Rishta 2021.

Akanksha and Priyank 
Met in Rishta 2019,
Married 2020

Mansi & Sagar Rajguru
Met in Rishta 2019, Engaged.
Wedding August 2021

Planned Events

Friday, September 10, 2021

Hotel Check-in/Registration

7:30 pm – Surprise themed Socializer!

Meet your coordinator at the front desk who will guide you to a themed social mixer to meet the volunteers and candidates informally. This is an ice breaker event to get to know other attendees.


Hotel accommodations are not included.
Hotels are around $100-145/night  

Saturday, September 11, 2021 

Event begins at 8:30 am.
Don’t be late.
8:30 am – Breakfast
Group introductions
Social games

12:30 pm – Lunch
Speed Dating
Dating myth busters game
One on one meetups (2-3 minute dates)
6:00 pm – Social games and Mixers
7:30 pm – Dinner

Rishta is organized by United Rudra Foundation (Non-Profit 501(C)(3) of NJ).


100% of profits from Rishta 2021 will go towards supporting educational needs for children in rural India. 

While most of the children switched to learn from home in urban towns; poor children in rural India have little or no access to internet, a computer or in extreme cases education. This void has been further expanded by COVID-19 locking schools and distancing opportunities. We are building learning opportunities for rural children in outskirts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. 50% of Rishta fees will be directly donated to fund teachers, build a school, buy books and connect internet connections so 800 kids can get learning opportunities. Remaining 50% will go towards expenses of running Rishta event so we can help you find a partner. A win-win proposition for us all. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

(If your question is unique, call Harsh @  16468251553)

1.  Who can attend this event?

This event is suited for Hindu singles who are looking to meet like-minded individuals interested in finding a special someone in life. In the past events, we have hosted candidates from all over the US and Canada. Some even travel from Europe, India, and UAE. We welcome individuals up to 39 years of age. There is no language or caste barrier. IDs will be checked at registration for age. Average age at Rishta 2019 was 32 for ladies and 33 for gents; however we hosted candidates as young as 24 up to 39. 40% of candidates are local from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. 60% are fly in from other locations. 5% were international candidates. 

2.  How is Rishta different than any other matrimonial event?

Rishta is unique because each candidate is assigned a coordinator who he or she can approach during and after the event to help get in touch with other candidates or their parents. Your coordinator will help you find suitable matches among the other candidates and work with you to help open doors on the day of the event. We use a simple but effective algorithm to find matches during the event and set up mini dates for the candidates to know each other better during the social mixer and dinner. Rishta is designed to give candidates the opportunity to meet, introduce themselves, and take back an experience that’s safe, fresh, exciting and meaningful.

3.  When should I plan to arrive/leave?

Plan to arrive on Friday (September 10, 2021) by 7pm. Those who come early on Friday can join other candidates at the local restaurant at the hotel for an informal mixer. At 7:30 registration starts followed by the themed social mixer. Light appetizers are included with some fun planned events. Alcohol is not allowed during the event. But we do usually keep refreshers, appetizers, and a shaved Ice truck to keep things interesting. We got the food, and drinks. 

4.  Where will I stay?

A fair rate is negotiated for people who choose to stay Friday or Saturday night at the hotel. Rishta 2021 is being held at Edison Hotel in Central New Jersey. The hotel is RECENTLY RENOVATED with new rooms, beautiful new conference room, and large expanded space to host this event. 
The Edison (E) Hotel is recently renovated, so new rooms will cost $150/night, however they do have some older rooms which are on a deal at around $100/night and not bad at all. If you’d like to stay at another hotel, Hilton Garden Inn (Raritan Center) and Extended stay (Raritan Center) are walking distance. And to say walking distance in New Jersey, that’s 2 blocks max.

5.  Airport details for out of town candidates?

Plan to fly into EWR airport ( For cost, and ease of travel).  Airport pick up is not included. Accessible airports are EWR (Newark International Airport) and PHL (Philadelphia International Airport). Uber and LYFT are great options in New Jersey.

6.  What is included in my $225 fee?

The fee covers your participation at the 2 days event. A social mixer (No alcohol) and food on September 10th (Friday) are included. On the 11th September, Indian breakfast, lunch, and dinner are covered. You will be provided with names and details of all candidates at the beginning of events on 11th September and an opportunity to meet other candidates to get to know them better. We will strive to add in as many stations to cover coffee, tea, snacks and other conveniences as possible.

7.  What should I bring?

Bring a good attitude, a positive outlook and dress to impress. You will be meeting new people and potential life partners, individuals who have invested so much into meeting you ( I read that as someone who is serious about finding a life partner) so bring your best smile. We are there to deliver the rest.

8.  When can I register?

Registration is now open. Once you complete the form and make the payment, we will reach out to you to make sure that all of your information is accurate. You will be emailed information about the event and will be assigned a coordinator who will work with you to open doors. You can call them if you have any logistical or general questions about the event as well.

9.  What does it cost?

Rishta costs $225.00 per candidate to attend. Walk-ins will not be entertained. And due to social distancing we are only allowed 250 guests ( which is 40% of the conference room capacity.) Please sign up if you are interested, we expect that this event will sell out faster than expected. If you have any more questions, feel free to call or text Harsh ( Rishta Coordinator) at 6468251553

10.  What is the last day to register?

Rishta will only be open to 125 ladies, and 125 gents. As soon as this number is reached, registration will automatically turn off. 
You can register up to August 7th or until the above numbers are reached. Honestly if you are going to do it, don’t wait — the 250 candidate seats will fill up fast! We know so many individuals who are planning to attend, and don’t want to quarantine alone in the next pandemic. We currently are about 30% full as of June 12th. 

11.  What is your refund policy due to sickness or Corona virus fears?

We strongly urge you to get insurance with your flights and hotel bookings. If you cannot make it, we will not be able to refund the fee to you as your name will already be printed in the book. But if you get trip insurance, they will cover your flights and hotels ( $500 coverage costs $25… no brainer https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/)

12.  Can my parents attend?

We usually don’t encourage it, because parents will not be able to enter the conference room where candidates are meeting each other. However, if they will be staying at the hotel and need to join candidates for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner then we will accommodate their food for Saturday for $50/pp. Please text 646 825 1553 to get a pass, and we will send you the link to complete payment accordingly.  
12.  What is your Alcohol Policy?
Alcohol beverages will not be allowed during the event. There is a bar on site, and alcohol beverages are not allowed to be removed from the bar. If you are found to be tipsy, under the influence of alcohol, or carrying alcohol to the event, you will be removed from the site. There will be police patrol at the event for enforcement of this rule. 

We are here to help make this a fun, exciting, and meaningful event for our candidates, but above all to help you connect to a potential life partner.

Have more questions? Call us.

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Have more questions? 

Coordinator: Harsh Vyas (646) 825 1553

URF Rishta Committee

Leena Bhatt (201) 240 3788 | Dipti Vyas (973) 932 9109 

Dr. Sunil Parikh (732) 822 9787 | Rushabh Mehta (201) 214 6296 


email: Rishta@unitedrudrafoundation.com

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