COVID-19 is the largest pandemic we have faced as an organization. But we are here to help more than ever. On top of running our COVID-19 N95 mask drive, we have committed to donating food to those in Need. With 1 person out of 5 filling for unemployment in the US, we see the lines at home less shelters, temples, and food pantries getting longer everyday.

Food pantries providing free food to the homeless has seen a drastic increase in demand for free food. So much that they cant keep up with finding enough raw materials to feed the lines getting longer. URF saw this as an opportunity to help, and committed to donating over 6 TONS  ( Approx. 13,200Lbs) of Rice to shelters, Temples, and food pantries in need. 

We are lucky enough to be partnered with some of the leaders in the business community where we can source these donations at less than wholesale pricing and stretch each dollar beyond it would otherwise. Pics will be updated shortly.

How can I help? 

If you’d like to donate food to pantries in Large quantities, we will help you foot logistical operations. This is best suited for whole sellers and distributors who are looking to help and can help us lower the price in procuring basic necessities such as Rice, Lentils, Dairy, Eggs, and Vegetables. Please email to connect!

We thank Nitin Bhai of United Rudra Foundation and World Vegan Vision in helping us coordinate this “Food on the Table” drive! Together, we can do more to help those in need!

Picking up ready to heat and eat packages direct from the manufacturer food to donate. We stretch every dollar by buying direct from the source!

Thank you Nitin bhai of URF and World Vegan Vision coordinating efforts to deliver food packages to Shelter homes in New Jersey.

Food donations going to Police Departments to help them keep up the hard work answering urgent calls during this pandemic. 

Covid-19 Testing with the help of AdLabs at Umiya Dham in Edison, NJ. This service helps those without insurance to test for COVID-19. 

Donations to the Vadtal Dham food drive at the Temple for those who are having a difficult time making ends meet in North Brunswick.  

Food donations going to Shelter homes for the homeless in NJ and NY. 

Food donation’s at ISKON temple, helping feed those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Donated 1 full pallet Rice to food pantry kitchens in NJ as demand for food to the homeless is increasing everyday! 

More pics coming soon…